Perona Farms summer wedding expo

Back in July we participated in the Elegant Bridal Productions showcase event at Perona Farms in Andover, New Jersey.  What an amazing time we had!  I can remember going to events and weddings at Perona Farms years ago and they just keep making the venue better and better.

Our setup for the evening was located near the Venetian and Reserve Ballrooms in the main building, however they have several indoor and outdoor options for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions.  If you are looking for the ultimate in rustic/romantic spots, the Barn at Perona Farms is the answer.  It is located just on the other side of the road from the main building.

The Barn at Perona Farms, Andover - New Jersey

The Barn at Perona Farms, Andover - New Jersey

We met so many wonderful bride-and-grooms to be, and we introduced them all to Pippen – our vintage camper photo booth!  It was a rainy and misty evening, so we decided to set up under a canopy near the entrance to the Reserve Ballroom, so Pippen and all the attendees could stay dry while having fun in the booth.  We set the prop tables just inside the doorway, so each group could choose their props without worrying about the rain at all, and it worked out great!  We even had the opportunity to mingle with all the other awesome vendors and we may have snuck in a cheeseburger slider (or four) from the grill station.

As the evening grew darker, Pippen was glowing brightly against the backdrop of the mist and Perona’s lovely architecture.  We heard laughs all night long coming from the booth and had to help with a few “photo re-do’s”, which we are always happy to do. 

Love how Pippen lights up at night!

Love how Pippen lights up at night!

For this showcase event we custom designed a rustic floral photo strip to complement this amazing wedding venue.  The strips featured square photos and an Instagram-style filter.  We think they came out beautiful!  We love experimenting with size, photo and format layouts to bring a different and custom look to each event we attend.

Our custom photo strip for the Perona Farms event!    Did you know we can design a custom layout for your event? It's true!

Our custom photo strip for the Perona Farms event!

Did you know we can design a custom layout for your event? It's true!

This setup also reminded us that we really are an all-season photo booth, and just because your venue is indoors or your event is in colder weather doesn’t mean we can’t be a part of it!  We can usually find a way to make it work, just ask us to speak with your event coordinator.  We are happy to setup at banquet and ballroom style events in a similar manner, and we can have a heater running inside Pippen so guests can choose their props indoors and then still stay comfortable inside Pippen during the photos!

Perona Farms is an amazing venue and it looks like we will be back celebrating special days there very soon!  We also had such a wonderful experience with Elegant Bridal Productions, New Jersey’s premier wedding expo company.  We will be with the Elegant Bridal team again on September 13th when we head towards the Jersey Shore for an event at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Lakewood, NJ.  If you are a bride to be or know a bride to be, this will be a really great event and we hope to meet some new friends there!